• Keep it classic: go pet thrift shopping

Second hand pet toys

Forget electronic gadgets for dogs and cats - keep it classical! Old-school toys such as balls, floss or plush items are reliably fun and reduce your power consumption. Even better: instead of buying new stuff, go looking in thrift stores and on second-hand websites. You’ll find plenty of cool pet accessories, care products and toys!

  • Get creative

Dogs and cats can have fun with the smallest things. Do you have some old jeans lying around? Perfect! You already have the first ingredient for a great dog toy! How? Cut the bottom part of your jeans and cut one of the sidelines. Roll the piece of jeans and make a knot. Ta-da! Nice and cheap for you and hours of entertainment for your dog!

Dear cat owners, it’s even simpler for you. Take a look around the attic or thrift shop for any old stuffed animals. Take care to remove the plastic eyes or other dangerous materials from the toy, and in no time at all your cat will have a new hobby! Purrr-aay!

  • Make pals, not plastic!

Pooch looking at sustainable kibble bag

Did you know our kibble packs are made from plants? We’re the first pet food brand with a full range of bags from biodegradable materials – which means they’ll break down naturally. Here’s a guide to show you exactly what to do with our kibble bags.

Thanks to these bags, we’ve now stopped over a million plastic bags (1,069,199 to be precise) from ever even existing!

  • Shop green

When shopping for your pet, choose ecological products. For example, wash your dog with a biodegradable soap or detergent. These products are better for their skin and harmless to the environment. (Cat owners, good luck!).

Here’s another culprit: cat litter. This material contains chemicals that are bad for the environment and also toxic to your cat. The good news is there are plenty of sustainable alternatives, such as organic gravel, bamboo, pine or corn kernels.

  • Adopt a dog or cat from the shelter

Two owners cuddling their dog Pickles

Millions of pets don’t have a home. Those who are homed in time often face the sad fate of euthanasia… Adopting a pet from a shelter provides additional food, toys, medical care and staff to help another pet in need. Are you an animal lover in heart and soul? What could be better than adopting a dear friend who needs your love and care twice as badly?

  • Embrace our cycling culture!

Who else - besides Queen - really wants to ride their bicycle? A great fun, inexpensive and adventurous alternative to save you the expensive trips to the vet: take your pet on the bike!

Pet on the bike.

Take your dog in a bicycle trailer or bicycle basket (suitable for all small animals, including cats!) or just let your dog walk alongside the bicycle. Of course, they must first learn to walk neatly next to the bike. But once you’ve got that figured out, you’ll be the talk of the town!

Like you, Edgard & Cooper believes in doing right by nature – for ourselves, our four-legged friends and our future. We're working on our Zero Pawprint plan right now, we'll be launching it in early 2020.