Structure is the key!

Dogs and cats love routine, so why not draw up a daily schedule with fixed play times. In the morning, for example, you take a long walk with your dog or plan some play time with your cat so that they use up some energy. When you go to work and your pet starts meowing or whining for attention, be strict by ignoring their bad behaviour. These structured play times will help you get your work done and improve your pet’s obedience!

A pet-free workspace

If you’re distracted too often or your pet has difficulty distinguishing between work and play time, try to create a space where your pet isn’t allowed. Would you like to keep an eye on things? Put a fence between your workspace and your pet's living space.

If your pet starts whining when you’ve made it clear to stay away, then don’t give in. Show them who's the boss!

Afternoon break! No holds barred

owners playing with dog in garden

As a homeworker, you have the luxury of being able to organise your time flexibly. Make use of this during your lunch break by spending quality time with your pet. Let your dog go wild in the nearest forest or park. Or how about a few fetching games in the garden to exercise their body and mind? Don’t forget: you’ll benefit by gaining productivity. There are also lots of things you can do to help your cat work out - check out this blog for proof 👇.

Discover 5 cool indoor activities for cats
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Discover 5 cool indoor activities for dogs
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Toys are your pet’s work

cat in sofa with toy

If dogs and cats are bored or frightened, they can exhibit destructive behaviour like chewing your shoes or leaving behind… accidents 💩. Those frustrations can disrupt your work routine, but the solution is simple. Make sure your pet is getting enough physical and mental stimulation while you're at work. Dog toys like Kong or chew toys are perfect! For cats, a simple cardboard box does wonders. Watch it. 👀

Working from home means every day can be different. One day you are flooded with work, other times you can clean up that messy closet while waiting for your next assignment. As a result, it’s not always easy to adhere strictly to the rules mentioned above. Be flexible and think about your health as well as that of your four-legged friend.