2019: New clinic & medical equipment

new spaces for dogs to recover from surgery

In 2019, our €64,238 donation built and kitted out a brand new operating theatre. This provided a more hygienic environment to perform surgery and for dogs to recover safely.

With a new operating room, waiting room, cool room, kennels & new medical equipment, the Dog Care Clinic can now perform about 2,000 major operations every year. Not only will this save and improve many dogs’ lives in the short term, it also helps tackle the long term population problem. That’s because, thanks to the new facilities, the Clinic can now neuter 9,000 dogs a year. Amazing, right?

The clinic’s brand new Tuk Tuk will be used to get around the island, increasing the area the surgical team can visit to carry out small surgeries.⁠

The Clinic's brand new tuk tuk

2018: New kitchen

DCC worker scoops out food for stray dogs

Every day, three teams from the Clinic load a tuk-tuk with 70kg of freshly made food and drive a 30-kilometer loop of the city, delivering food to hungry street dogs. Before 2018, these team had to prepare all these meals in a poorly-lit shed...

In 2018, our donation of €21,210 funded the build of a fully equipped kitchen, providing a much safer and more hygienic environment to prepare 1500 fresh meals, every single day.
The remaining fund of €8,000 ws used to build a new laundry room and storage room for medical supplies.

2017: Intensive Care Unit

In 2017, our €6,000 donation was invested in the Clinic’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU), a place for dogs to recover after surgery and for the nursing of sick puppies. Thanks to this life-saving unit, more than 450 dogs per year get the treatment they need to survive.

Louis, Koen and Jurgen visiting the Intensive Care Unit in the Dog Care Clinic

Thanks to your ongoing support of Edgard & Cooper, we've been able to help the Dog Care Clinic deliver its vital work for the last three years. Which means we’re already a small step closer to making our dream come true: building a world where all dogs & cats feel good.

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