Before opening

A good general rule is to keep both dry and un-opened wet food in a dark and moisture-free place, like a pantry or kitchen cupboard. Store the food at room temperature. It's not a good idea to keep cups or kibbles in your garage, where the humidity and temperature can often fluctuate. Similarly, under the sink is a bit of a risky spot because the food has a higher chance of getting wet.

Cat and dog eating Edgard&Cooper kibbles.

Opened dry food

We always advise keeping food in its original packaging, especially dry food. Our bags have been specially developed to keep kibbles fresh for longer, without compromising on nutritional value. You can keep our kibbles unopened for 24 months, and opened for 3 months. However, correct storage is essential to prevent vitamins from degrading and to avoid any oxidation of fats - which would spoil the kibbles sooner.

Extra tip: If you keep our food in its original packaging, you will be able to look back at the handy feeding guidelines and the expiry date.

It’s in your pet's best interest for you to reseal their kibble bags after every use. You can easily roll up our paper bags or close them with a wooden clothes peg. This also applies to our treat range, such as our tasty bites or juicy jerkies.

Dog with bag of Edgard&Cooper kibbles.

Opened wet food

A closed cup of wet food will keep for 24 months; a closed tin will last for 36 months. An opened cup or tin is best stored in the fridge, where it will stay delicious for two or three days. Always remember to cover the food so it doesn’t dry out! We also suggest you leave refrigerated food out for a while to warm up before giving it to your pet. Find out why cats in particular prefer their food at room temperature, or even slightly warmer. 

You might want to make a note about when you opened a cup or tin to help you keep an eye on its freshness. And a final word of advice: don’t leave wet food in your pet’s bowl for too long. Food that’s left out will spoil quickly and might even attract some unwelcome guests…

The right packaging

We love our tins and cups because they keep food fresh for ages. All our wet food packaging is made from metal, the world’s most recycled material. Thanks to metal’s natural preservative properties, our food stays full of nutritional goodness for 24 months - which also helps reduce food waste.

We're also excited to tell you that all our bags are made out of plants. We’re the first pet food brand with a full range of bags made from biodegradable materials - which means they’ll break down naturally.

Read more about our environmentally friendly packaging.
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Your pet will be eternally grateful to you for taking care of its Edgard & Cooper goodies. And for keeping an eye on our planet as well. Yummy!

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