Humans make 300 million tonnes of plastic every year. About half of that is single-use plastic - like packaging - of which only a fraction is recycled. At least 8 million tons of plastic end up in our ocean every year* - where it causes extraordinary damage to wildlife and local ecosystems, including coral reefs.

Even worse, all this plastic pollution never really goes away. Instead, it breaks down into ‘microplastics’, which we’ve found just about everywhere - including in our food and our pets’ food. 

Our strategy to fully sustainable packaging

We’re proud to be the first pet food brand with full ranges in packaging made from biodegradable materials. However, although plastic-free packaging is great, it’s not perfect... yet.

The main action we are taking to fulfil our commitment to Fully Sustainable Packaging is to create a ‘closed-loop’ packaging cycle. This means working with experts to understand and improve what happens to our packaging at the end of its life as well as at the beginning.

Ultimately, we want to use materials that are reusable, recyclable or compostable because these eradicate waste while allowing our planet’s finite natural resources to regenerate.

100% closed-loop packaging

the life of bags: 100% closed-loop packaging

Our bags made from biodegradable materials are better for the environment at the beginning of their life because they’re made out of plants – a resource we can describe as ‘renewable’ because it grows back quickly. However, our bags can’t fulfil their potential if they’re not disposed of correctly at the end of their life - what’s the point of a biodegradable bag that can’t properly biodegrade?!

That’s why we’re so excited about achieving our industrial composting certification. As soon as we achieve our certification, our bags can be processed at industrial composting facilities. We’ll make sure to communicate with our customers to help them dispose of our planet-friendly packs in the right way. Either way, it’s always worth checking with your local authority to see how to dispose of your waste correctly. 

We’ve also launched our refill kibble station, a pilot project, which removes the use of single-use packaging altogether.

Becoming the world’s most sustainable pet company

As well as transitioning to fully sustainable packaging, we also want to reduce our environmental impact and achieve 100% ethical sourcing of our products by 2025. These three targets will help us fulfil our ambition to become the world’s most sustainable pet company.

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