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05 Jun. 2020

Guide: how to use Doggy Dental sticks

There’s no denying that daily dental care is important for your dog’s wellbeing. Clean teeth means a happy...
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05 Jun. 2020

Why dental care is so important

Bad breath, loss of appetite, low energy or even visible pain while eating can all be signs of...
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15 May. 2020

Why are healthy dog treats so important?

You, as a pet owner, love to treat your four-legged friend once in a while. But it’s really...
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17 Apr. 2020

7 safe plants for cats and dogs

Many pet owners wonder which plants they can have in the house without risking the health of their...
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23 Mar. 2020

Can my pet get corona?

In these uncertain times, there’s a lot of information going around about COVID-19. We understand you might have...
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11 Feb. 2020

Feeding tips for a neutered cat

Thinking about getting your cat neutered or already done that? Great! Neutering has lots of advantages for you...
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29 Jan. 2020

Allergy intolerance: Everything you need to know about hypoallergenic dog food

You’ve probably seen the word ‘hypoallergenic’ around - perhaps on skincare and makeup product labels? If a product...
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27 Jan. 2020

A Dog's Feeding Schedule: How Often Should I Feed My Dog in a Day

Dogs may not be able to tell you what time it is but that doesn’t mean they don’t...
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16 Jan. 2020

Winter safety guide for dogs

A lot of dog owners are worried about their four-legged friends during winter. Cold weather, snow and ice...
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27 Nov. 2019

How to Prevent Fleas on Dogs and Cats

Most pet owners fear the threat of fleas and it’s true that our furry friends are prone to...
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02 Oct. 2019

What’s best: wet, dry or mixed?

Owners often ask us whether it’s best to feed their pet wet food, dry food or a mix...
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06 May. 2019

5 creative ways to exercise your cat

When cats get too little stimulus, they often get bored. This boredom manifests as a lack of exercise,...
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05 Mar. 2019

Fact or fiction? The truth about dog food

The world of dog food is full of rumours. But here’s a simple truth for you: dogs need...
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05 Mar. 2019

Nutrients your dog should never eat

What is normal for humans to eat can be very toxic to dogs. Puppies are more at risk...
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