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26 Feb. 2021

5 steps to successfully introduce a new kitten to your cat

Thinking about getting a new addition to your cat family? How exciting! But I'm sure you've already wondered...
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18 Feb. 2021

How do I choose the right puppy food?

The day has come. Your puppy is finally moving in! Now it’s time to give them the best...
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14 Jul. 2020

What’s best for my cat: wet, dry or mixed?

Owners often ask us whether it’s best to feed their cat wet food, dry food or a mix...
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03 Mar. 2020

First night with new puppy

What helps you get a good night’s sleep? A comfy bed and a bit of peace and quiet...
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27 Jan. 2020

A puppy’s feeding schedule: when and how often to feed your puppy

Dogs are creatures of habit, and when better to start a healthy habit than when you’re young! A...
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23 Jan. 2020

How to raise a happy kitten

If you’re the proud owner of a kitten you’re probably starting to wonder how you can rein in...
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04 Dec. 2019

6 tips to reduce your dog's fear of fireworks

Most dogs are scared of fireworks. Not only is their hearing much more acute than our own (they...
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27 Nov. 2019

Three steps to leaving your dog at home, alone

Leaving your dog alone at home can be hard at the beginning- for you and for your four-legged...
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14 Nov. 2019

3 reasons to buy organic pet food

Our organic pet food is made with tasty organic ingredients, produced on organic farms and processed by organically-certified...
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30 Oct. 2019

7 tips to cat-proof your home

Cats are extremely curious and see everything as an adventure. If you leave something lying around, there's a...
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30 Oct. 2019

How to bond with your dog?

Building a good relationship with your dog is all about bonding. Like any close friend, your dog wants...
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02 Oct. 2019

What’s best for my dog: wet, dry or mixed?

Owners often ask us whether it’s best to feed their dog wet food, dry food or a mix...
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24 Sep. 2019

Our checklist to preparing for your puppy

The arrival of a new puppy is a significant moment. For you, there’s all the anticipation and excitement...
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14 Aug. 2019

Grain-Free Dog Food: All You Need to Know

In the last few years, grain-free dog food has become the talk of the town. Designed to be...
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21 May. 2019

Tips for house-training your puppy

House-training seems obvious to us, but for your puppy it is quite a task! It’s not just getting...
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