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09 Dec. 2021

Pets and fireworks - 6 tips to calm your pet

Most pets are scared of fireworks. Not only is their hearing much more acute than our own, but...
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24 Nov. 2021

Don’t furget your pet! Top tips for giving your pet a pawsome Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so the song goes, but when it comes to...
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17 Sep. 2021

4 sweet spots to stroke your cat

We all know how stubborn cats can be. But to be honest, it’s one of the many reasons...
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08 Jan. 2021

5 reasons to adopt a pet

Thinking of adding an extra member to your family? Adopting a pet comes with commitment and a lot...
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18 Mar. 2020

5 fun indoor activities for cats

Staying inside all day can feel like a real chore, but we can make the best of it...
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18 Mar. 2020

5 fun indoor games for dogs

It’s not always possible for your dog to burn off their energy outside. Perhaps the weather is bad,...
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12 Nov. 2019

5 reasons English Cockers are amazing

Do you own an English cocker? Then you’ll know they’re fantastic dogs. A tail that’s wagging 24 hours...
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30 Oct. 2019

How to bond with your dog?

Building a good relationship with your dog is all about bonding. Like any close friend, your dog wants...
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19 Aug. 2019

6 tips to become a sustainable pet owner

So many of us want to live more sustainably, but what about our furry four-legged friends and their...
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06 May. 2019

5 creative ways to exercise your cat

When cats get too little stimulus, they often get bored. This boredom manifests as a lack of exercise,...
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05 Mar. 2019

6 fun winter activities for you and your dog

It’s not just us humans that suffer from the winter blues, our furry friends can also be affected....
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