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22 Oct. 2021

The truth about cat food

What you feed your cat makes a huge difference to their health. But the world of cat food...
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09 Aug. 2021

Why your dog can eat avocado (+ other ingredients)

New dog owners are quick to trust nutritional advice from other dog owners. No matter how well-intended their...
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22 Jul. 2021

How to introduce plant-based recipes into your dog’s diet

Dogs LOVE variety, so why not try something new? Our yummy plant-based recipes give dogs everything they need...
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18 Feb. 2021

How do I choose the right puppy food?

The day has come. Your puppy is finally moving in! Now it’s time to give them the best...
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24 Sep. 2020

What size or shape do our kibbles have?

Shape of our kibble All our kibbles have a flat shape. It's a bit like a tiny cookie...
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14 Jul. 2020

What’s best for my cat: wet, dry or mixed?

Owners often ask us whether it’s best to feed their cat wet food, dry food or a mix...
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18 Jun. 2020

Will my dog get bored eating the same food every day?

You want to spoil your dog with the very best food. We get it, we do that too....
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05 Jun. 2020

Finally, a stick to smile about

Having a fresh, clean mouth feels great. But what about our dogs? They run at the sight of...
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15 May. 2020

Why are healthy dog treats so important?

You, as a pet owner, love to treat your four-legged friend once in a while. But it’s really...
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07 Apr. 2020

What’s the perfect food for my dog?

Finding the perfect recipe for your dog isn’t always that easy. Especially if your dog is fussy, or...
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11 Feb. 2020

Feeding tips for a neutered cat

Thinking about getting your cat neutered or already done that? Great! Neutering has lots of advantages for you...
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07 Feb. 2020

Senior pet food for dogs and cats

One of the toughest aspects of pet ownership is watching your four-legged friend getting older and frailer. But...
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29 Jan. 2020

Allergy intolerance: Everything you need to know about hypoallergenic dog food

You’ve probably seen the word ‘hypoallergenic’ around - perhaps on skincare and makeup product labels? If a product...
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27 Jan. 2020

A senior dog’s feeding schedule: when and how often to feed your dog

Dogs are creatures of habit, particularly when they’re a bit longer in the tooth. A daily feeding routine...
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27 Jan. 2020

A puppy’s feeding schedule: when and how often to feed your puppy

Dogs are creatures of habit, and when better to start a healthy habit than when you’re young! A...
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27 Jan. 2020

A dog's feeding schedule: when and how often to feed your dog

Dogs are creatures of habit and dinner time should be a fundamental part of their day. A daily...
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06 Jan. 2020

Choosing the perfect food for dogs with sensitive tummies

Just as some humans have troublesome stomachs, there are also dogs with sensitive tummies. So while most dogs...
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02 Jan. 2020

Food your cat can’t eat

It’s not always clear what your cat can or can’t eat. To help, we've made a handy list...
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14 Nov. 2019

3 reasons to buy organic pet food

Our organic pet food is made with tasty organic ingredients, produced on organic farms and processed by organically-certified...
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31 Oct. 2019

How to store pet food?

As a pet owner, finding the perfect food for your furry friend is important. But getting it into...
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24 Oct. 2019

How to feed a ‘fussy’ cat

Do you love your mysterious, somewhat stubborn, but oh so unique cat? You’ve probably noticed they can be...
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02 Oct. 2019

What’s best for my dog: wet, dry or mixed?

Owners often ask us whether it’s best to feed their dog wet food, dry food or a mix...
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14 Aug. 2019

Grain-Free Dog Food: All You Need to Know

In the last few years, grain-free dog food has become the talk of the town. Designed to be...
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05 Mar. 2019

The truth about dog food

The world of dog food is full of rumours. But here’s a simple truth for you: dogs need...
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05 Mar. 2019

8 Tips for a picky dog

Just like people, different dogs have very different eating habits. Some dogs live to eat and will scoff...
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05 Mar. 2019

Nutrients your dog should never eat

What is normal for humans to eat can be very toxic to dogs. Puppies are more at risk...
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