Seek out sustainable toys or get creative and make your own

dog playing tug of war

There’s lots of sustainable toys out there to choose from, look out for play toys made from natural materials like hemp, bamboo, rubber or even from recycled plastic.

If you’re feeling creative, you could even make your own toy from an old t-shirt or jumper – just cut the cuff off to use as the base and then cut one long strip from the rest of the garment. Then simply plait the long length of material round the cuff plaiting it into a simple ring ragger for your pooch. Pawfect!

Be greener with your pet’s poop!

dog walking in park next to human

A really small change you can make that has a great impact on your pet’s pawprint. Compostable poo bags for our doggy friends or eco cat litter are a really simple switch you can make to your pet’s daily essentials. Just make sure you’re disposing of it in the correct bin. 

Pick food and treats that come in planet-friendly packaging

Edgard & Cooper eco packaging

It’s a great idea to choose a product that comes in eco-packaging. At Edgard & Cooper we work really hard to make sure that our packaging plays nice with nature. Our kibble bags are made from plants and our tins and cups are made of infinitely recyclable metal. By choosing plastic-free for our tasty food and treats we’ve saved over 2.8 million plastic bags – now that’s something that everyone can feel good about.

Here’s a guide to show you exactly what to do with our kibble bags once your furry friend has finished with them.

Become a pooch-powered food waste fanatic

Whippet looking at shopper bag with Edgard & Cooper tins

Not only can your dog help to decrease your food waste, it can also be good for them! Vegetables ends like carrot tops can be a healthy snack for your pooch as well as making sure there’s less food waste in your house. There’s also never been a better time to have a go at making your own pet treats out of store cupboard leftovers. Have a look at some of our recipes here for some inspiration.

Plus, it always helps to have a tasty food like Edgard & Cooper kibble or wet cups to keep those bowls licked clean!

Keep a watch on your pet’s waistline

Cat reaching out to plate

Why is this important you might wonder? Well if your pet is on the slightly larger size they consume more resources – leading to a bigger overall pawprint. Don’t worry though, you can easily fix this one by getting some more exercise into your daily schedule.

Make time to give your pets lots of play time and physical activity – this can be indoor fun with toys to chase and catch or outdoor fun in the garden as well as getting in your daily walks for pooches. We’ve got lots of suggestions for indoor fun for our feline friends & pooch pals – check them out here.

If you’d like any help on managing your pet’s weight, then don’t hesitate to drop us a mail and we can help recommend the best recipes and quantities to keep it balanced.

Edgard & Cooper wants you, your pets and our planet to feel good. That’s why we’ll be launching our Zero Pawprint plan later this year so you can find out more about how we’re working to be the most planet-friendly pet food company out there. We can’t wait to share it with you.