Is your dog fond of our delicious tins? Fantastic! But what do you do with the empty tins once he’s finished? As we’re an environmental friendly company, throwing away is not in our dictionary. That’s why we came up with our beautiful Edgard & Cooper herb tins.

It’s really easy and fun to do, so get your paws together and start gardening. Besides, afterwards you will have some delicious herbs, vegetables,…to use in delicious salads – for the chefs – or cookies – for those furry friends.

You’ll need:

  • Empty Edgard & Cooper tins
  • A hammer
  • A nail
  • Potting soil
  • Seeds of all kind of herbs, veggies,… (parsley, dill, cherry tomatoes, chamomile,…)
  • Little signs to write the names of the plants – you can use other things too for this like corks, popsicle sticks,…


  1. Poke some holes in the bottom of the tins by using a nail and hammer.
  2. Put some potting soil in the tin
  3. Put some seeds in it with enough space in between – read well the instructions – and finish with another small layer 2-4mm of potting soil on top.
  4. Take the small sign to draw the name of the plant in chalk, and put it  in the potting soil.
  5. Water it on a regular basis, leave iin the sun, and let it grow!

Be creative! There are  a dozen of herbs, vegetables and other plants that you can grow in our tins. You’ll see our herbs grow on facebook & Instagram.

Go ahead and tag @edgardcooper in your creations! Woof!

Are you curious to see how our herbs are doing in the Edgard & Cooper garden? Follow us on social media and via this blog post to discover how they grow bigger and bigger!

Recipe: give water in time, some sunrays and wind and a lot of love. That’s how you can grow your delicious herbs in our cute Edgard & Cooper tins…

We’re looking forward to create some delicious cookies & treats with our fresh herbs, so Edgard & Cooper can enjoy a healthy snack! Discover our recipes here!

Don’t you feel like doing it yourself too?